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Dalvero - dal vero - meaning 'from the truth'. We are a school of drawing and illustration based on reportage.

Dalvero Academy Makes Augmented Reality News!

Dalvero Academy is featured in ARnews.tv this week, for the Augemented Reality experience of our exhibit at Mystic Seaport: Restoring a Past, Charting a Future: An Artistic Discovery of America’s Whaling Legacy by Dalvero Academy.

To find out more about the augmented reality section of the exhibit, view ARnews.tv.

To find out more about our exhibit, please visit www.dalveromystic.com.

Many thanks to Julia Sverchuk and Sander Veenhof.

Restoring a Past, Charting a Future – Dalvero Academy exhibits at Mystic Seaport!

We are so proud to announce the April 28, 2012 opening of our exhibit: 

Restoring a Past, Charting a Future: An Artistic Discovery of America’s Whaling Legacy by Dalvero Academy.

art by Alexander Charner

The exhibit is three years in the making and the product of many, many classes held up at the Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, documenting the restoration of the whale-ship Charles W. Morgan, the only one of her kind left in the world. Not only did the artists create reportage of the restoration itself, they used the ideas and research conducted during their reportage work to illustrate the history and cultural significance of the ship. The renewed Morgan will set her course on an environmental mission, and the work in the show addresses that as well. The exhibit features 24 artists, including Dalvero instructors Veronica Lawlor and Margaret Hurst, and showcases our illustration through drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, fiber arts, video and animation.

Please read more about the exhibit on the Mystic Seaport website HERE. And visit our website to read more about the artists in the show: www.dalveromystic.com.

art by Sara Dilliplane

The exhibit opens on April 28, 2012 and runs until September 9, 2013. We hope to see you there!

Evan Turk featured in Varoom magazine!

Dalvero student Evan Turk is featured in the current issue of Varoom magazine! The magazine featured his reportage of the Gay Pride parade in Seattle, that he did while there with the Dalvero Academy last summer. Congratulations Evan!

From VAROOM: “Depicting the celebratory nature of a Gay Pride march is always going to include the most flamboyant participants, and Evan Turk’s drawings from this year’s parade in Seattle capture the muscle guys and drag queens with rapid lines and streaks of colour. He expands the story by turning his eye to those watching the march and equally celebrates the older people and possible first timers sharing an empowering event such as this.” -Derek Brazell for Varoom!

Here is the full interview:

Brief:  I was in a reportage workshop with Dalvero Academy in Seattle, and I discovered that the trip intersected with the Gay Pride Parade. Since I was missing the parade in New York after the gay marriage bill had just passed there, I decided I needed to go and draw the parade in Seattle.

Materials:  China marker, fountain pen, pastel, gouache

Research:  I looked at the work of inspiring reportage artists like Feliks Topolski and Daumier before heading out. Looking at different artists helps to get me in the right mindset for each event and to see things differently. I also try to do a little reading about the event and its history to help pick up on important symbols while I’m there.

Process:  I created a plan of thumbnails before starting the reportage, to figure out what I want, to make sure I cover the entire event. Then I just draw things as they come by, and make sure I capture everything I need to tell the complete story. It helps to have a plan, but then be able to deviate when unexpected things come along.

Motivations:  I created a project called “A Picture For A Thousand Voices” (http://blog.picturefor1000voices.com) to collect stories and create illustration for the gay rights movement. Since starting the project, I’ve gone to reportage various events related to gay rights in different cities, including this parade in Seattle.

Distractions:  Public nudity, lots of glitter, and people firing squirt guns into the audience.
Great work Evan! See more of Evan Turk’s work at evanturk.blogspot.com.

Dalvero Academy Open House

Dalvero Academy Open House!

Please join us for an afternoon of drawing, music, food and friendship.

Saturday, April 30, from 1 – 5 pm at our Brooklyn Studio.

Friends, family, children and significant others welcome. The lovely Lynn will be modeling. We’ll supply the paper – bring materials to draw with.

Please email us for address and directions: dalveroinfo[at]mac.com

We hope to see you there!

[pictured: Dalvero Open House, 2010]

Dalvero Academy makes the New York Times!

Our Mystic Seaport project and the Dalvero artists are mentioned by Quentin Snediker, director of the Mystic Shipyard, in an August 17th New York Times article about the whaling ship Morgan!

Quote: “We get layer upon layer of information,” he said. The least technical of the methods centers on a group of young artists who are sketching the various stages of the Morgan’s disassembly and repair. “It’s great to see it through their eyes,” Mr. Snediker said.”

Read the full article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/17/science/17ship.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1

Dalvero Academy

DALVERO ACADEMY: offering classes in drawing, illustration and graphic communication, from beginner to advanced levels. Studio classes in Brooklyn and location classes world-wide. For more information please email us at dalveroinfo@mac.com.
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Dalvero Academy is the dream of Margaret Hurst and Veronica Lawlor, educators and illustrators. Visit their website at www.studio1482.com.